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duminică, 3 aprilie 2016

Good news to share with you(Haiku textbook)

I've recently received from Richard Gilbert, Faculty of Lettersn, Kumamoto University,Japan:

"Along with my colleague here in Kumamoto University, Kumamoto, Japan, we are planning to publish a textbook containing international haiku in English for teaching university-level English-language education. We would like to include your haiku shown below in the book.

the scent / of roasted chestnuts – / a postcard from home /

We look forward to international students studying English learning from your work and becoming more familiar with your poetry.  Our source for haiku in our textbook (and your work we are asking to present) is sourced from the LHA Archive ( In this way, international students here can easily access more of your work online. We will self-publish the book as a non-profit work, and any proceeds will be used for educational haiku research activities".

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