sâmbătă, 1 septembrie 2018

Allegro Poetry Magazine , issue 18

a poppy
shaken off elsewhere in the worl​d​
has blossomed
by my door steps –

I know, you aren’t here to stay

un mac scuturat
în altă parte-a lumii
a inflorit
la mine, lângă trepte -
iar n-ai venit să rămâi 

sâmbătă, 21 iulie 2018

Atlas Poetica 33 : A Journal of World Tanka Published by Keibooks


white salon
and the same piano
like back then —
I have time for a waltz
maybe you’ll come

salonul alb
și același pian
ca atunci –
mai am timp pentru un vals,
poate vii


abandoned horse
in a snowy field —
I hear
the loneliness galloping
softly around

cal abandonat
pe-un tăpșan cu zăpadă
împrejmuită –
singurătatea sună
a galop în surdină


boat facing the sky

from the bottom of the sea —
your lost shadow
and mine
awaiting each other

în adâncul mării
o barcă întoarsă
cu fața spre cer –
două umbre se-așteaptă:
a ta de ieri, a mea de mâine


black clouds

chasing a muddled bird
with no mate —
if I turned around
you might think I’m crying

s-au strâns nori
hăituind o pasăre
fără pereche –
daca m-aș întoarce
ai putea crede că plâng


black oil slick

washed up on the beach —
in the dead dolphin’s eye
I see a part of me

mareea neagră
s-a întins lăbărțat
pe plajă –
în ochiul delfinului mort   
văd o parte din mine

vineri, 6 iulie 2018

duminică, 3 iunie 2018

Butterfly Dream

First English-Chinese Bilingual Haiku and Tanka Blog 

refugee tent --
a girl calls a butterfly
by her mom’s name

They Gave Us Life: Celebrating Mothers, Fathers & Others in Haiku

Chinese Translation (Traditional)
難民帳篷 --

Chinese Translation (Simplified)
难民帐篷 --

 "L1 establishes the setting and sociopolitical context while the unexpected yet emotionally poignant last line lifts the haiku out of the ordinary. And the symbolically rich image of a flitting butterfly could offer two different readings".

                               Chen-ou Liu

One Man's Maple Moon: 66

Selected English-Chinese Bilingual Tanka, Volume Four.
Chen-ou Liu has selected one of my tanka for this going to be published Anthology.

a homeless man
who was playing a flute
on the street corner
fell suddenly in the rain --
a donor card in his pocket

A Hundred Gourds, 5:2, March 2016

sâmbătă, 5 mai 2018

Haiga Online--Tree Challenge--Spring 2018

Photo Haiga by Lavana Kray

"Lavana is from Iasi, Romania. Photographer and writer, her haiku have been widely published. In addition to being a frequent contributor to Haigaonline, she has also appeared in Daily Haiga, and at the World Haiku Association where she has been awarded the status of Master Haiga Artist. In addition, she has been featured three times in NHK's Haiku this Photo galleries 004, 005 and 007. More work may be seen on her blog, Photo-Haiku.
We are pleased to have this portfolio of four photo haiga that she sent us in response to our Tree Challenge. See the nuance with which photo and poem explore the association of trees with memory and emotion!"
                  Linda Papanicolaou


Publicația The Heron's Nest a ales unul dintre haikuurile mele trimise în timp, pentru a fi publicat într-o carte despre haiku.


birthday -

a gathering of moths

on my paisley shawl


aniversare -

întrunire de molii

pe un șal de lână

marți, 1 mai 2018

International Haiku Magazine GINYU No. 78/2018

Edited and commented by Ban'ya Natsuishi


wheatstone sound -

the political field

empty of content


se ascute coasa -

goală de conținut

sola politicii


radioactive cloud -

vanilla  smell

from pastry shop


nor radioactiv -

miros de vanilie
de la patiserie

"These two haiku suggest well this world stained by human stupidity" 

luni, 16 aprilie 2018

The Bamboo Hut Spring 2018 - Journal of tanshi

no solution
for the ice bridge
between us -
a plow blade ​​is cutting
the arteries of the city 

nici o soluție
pentru podul de gheață
dintre noi -
lama plugului taie
arterele târgului


the sun          
has left no blade
of grass –
my fresh wounds
lying on a stone

nu mi-a lăsat
nici un fir de iarbă -
rănile mele crude
întinse pe o piatră

two boats
drifting at sea
forever bonded -
I anchor for good
in your ghost-port

două bărci
legate împreună
duse de valuri -
ancorez definitiv
în portul tău imaginar