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miercuri, 8 iunie 2016

European Haiku Prize (EHP) - 3rd Prize(tied)

"The 2016 edition of the prize has seen an extraordinary and unexpected participation of over 500 poets, 1,600 haiku and 79 Countries wordwide (way more than we ever expected in the beginning)!!"

 The European Haiku Society (EHS), in collaboration with the Italian Haiku Association (IHA), the ANPH Haiku Archive and the Manyoshu Publishing,

boatload of refugees...
the wind plays with a doll
on the shore

The Judging Panel of the first edition of the European Haiku Prize (EHP):

  • Luca Cenisi (Italy, EHS President)
  • Gabriel Rosenstock (Ireland, poet, haikuist and translator)
  • Garry Eaton (Canada, haiku poet, Digital Librarian of The Haiku Foundation THF)
  • Yasuko Anami (Japan, haiku poet, haibunist and essayist)

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